aaron_wordle3Professionally, A. R. Cuevas is an IBM Business Consultant and a professor at the University of Phoenix. He is also a US Army veteran.

On a personal level, I am a Christian, husband, step-father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle, cousin, committed friend and believe it or not, sometimes a pain-in-the…

Anyhow, this page provides some basic information about me from various perspectives. Most people tend to define themselves in the best professional light as possible. Almost as if their life just started when it got good. A lot of people also like to define themselves through their work; funny how this happens even for people that don’t enjoy their work. I choose to define myself by my past personal as well as professional experiences — both good and bad. While the details below are simply highlights, I am proud to admit that I have served: as a custodian; in the fields along migrant workers; in fast-food and retail; and my country as a veteran.

There is likely more information on here than most readers would like to know, but then this blog site is for those friends, family, students and others that have come here with a purpose. As such, I see you as a possible friend and as such, I tend to tell more than most and believe openness is best.


As a Christian, I strive to lead a life on the edge and seek out opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ. I serve as a lay-counselor within my church and community and fellowship with friends, family and those seeking to know more about Christ. I lead a small bible study group for men once a week and carry out Christ-centered ministries with some of my Christian brothers.

Husband, Step-dad, Grandpa, family member

I’m a husband, step-dad, and grandpa. I have been married only once and to the one love of my life. My wife and I survived a lot of trials that range from being homeless to military life, to living at near poverty level. Thus, to make ends meet financially there were many times in which I had to moonlight as a janitor or field worker alongside migrant workers.

I have 3 step-kids and presently 6 grandkids. In fact, the best blessings of my life came my way when we became grandparents. I love hearing the grandkids ask ‘…right grampa?’ or ‘…can we spend the night?’


I am definitely blessed to have friends that date as far back to my first-grade class, middle school, high school, and my time in the Army. It is great that all of us sustain strong bonds that enable us to go long periods of time apart from another and pick up right where we last left off.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld claims that at some point in life we stop looking for friends, but not me. I also have a wealth of new colleagues and Christian friends that allow me to keep growing alongside them.

IBMConsultant (note: this does not equate to a know-it-all)

I totally enjoy working for IBM. Doing so affords me much freedom in terms of innovation and the ability to continue to reinvent myself professionally. Since coming to work for IBM I have filled many roles and help many Fortunate 500 organizations, federal, state and local organization.

I started work with IBM as an IT specialist and then transitioned to development and deployment of educational programs and recently to working in the arena of data analytics. I have managed numerous projects, produced and refined proposals for opportunities in the $100s of millions, and continue to do so.

As an IBM Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I am fortunate enough to be able to help IBM account teams and clients strategize on how best to plan, conduct and leverage analytics for the purpose of continuous improvement.

Working in IBM Global Business Services, I enjoy being a part of the innovate team. I currently serve as the Product Manager for IBM’s Application Development & Innovation Analytic Platform. I collaborated with IBM Research teams in developing the pilot versions and continue to improve the tool with colleagues across the globe.

As of recently, I was accepted into IBM’s Corporate Service Corps and will have an opportunity serve global communities first hand with a team of high-performing colleagues.


I have been a professor at the local campus of the University of Phoenix for many years now and enjoy facilitating courses across a broad spectrum of schools/colleges.

ARMY LogosVeteran

I entered service nearly on the eve of the first Persian Gulf War. Was blessed to be able to travel extensively due to many assignment changes. I also enjoyed serving Humanitarian missions. Most likely due to my youth at the time, I was able to achieve the Expert Field Medical Badge as well as earn the Air Assault Badge despite being scared of heights. I clearly must have been high on testosterone at the time.

Education MSU Scholar

I am sad to have to say, that I failed out of college 3 times as a young man. And so for many years, I simply pursued a Ph.D. from MSU. This means, I essentially ‘made shit up’ and some might argue that I still do. In short, though, aside from the Ph.D. from MSU, I’ve earned:

– Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

– Master of Science in Information Systems

– Ph.D. (ABD) in Organization and Management

In the recent years, I have also peer-reviewed journals such as the Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Business Ethics.


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