Living in an ‘Instant Gratification’ world

The children are so cute in this reproduction of the classic Stanford University, Marshmallow experiment. It is obvious that some kids have to have the marshmallow or proverbial ‘it’ right now. However, it is amazing and so comforting to see that some of the children had the restraint and self-discipline to wait for ‘it.’ I wonder if perhaps they had less exposure to adults with low patience or whether they had limited experience with today’s technology. For the older generations, in the past, remember when we would have to wait to process a picture or phone someone when you got home? It was likely easier in those old days for us to have the patience to wait. But in today’s culture, where pictures are taken, seen and shared in seconds and a phone is nearly in everyone’s hand at all times, even the best disciplined adults expect immediate results. So what does this teach our kids when they see results happen immediately? How can we as parents or responsible adults help to reinforce the need for patience and discipline with regard to self gratification? I would love to hear some ideas on this.


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